You are Royaltee

No matter who you are or where you come from, we are all heirs and  heiresses of God’s Kingdom. Our monthly Teestimony Case comes with a  custom tee and devotional to remind you that you are worthy of God’s  grace, love and mercy.

Why Teestimony?

Bridging the gap between Christ and the culture.

Teestimony is a faith-based communitee created to connect and uplift people from all walks of life through an empowering, Spirit-led subscription experience. Learn More.

How It Works

Select whether your subscription is for an Heir or Heiress. 

Choose your subscription cycle.

Select your desired t-shirt size.

Enjoy your Teestimony Case, which will arrive by the 30th of every month!

**Orders placed after the 17th of the month, ship the following month by the 30th.**

Every month, you’ll receive a surprise, scripture-based graphic tee with an encouraging Teestimonial that will help deepen your understanding of Christ. Who said walking by faith can’t be fashionable?



The Teestimony Case has been a monthly bonus in my life. I initially  ordered because it seemed like something cool to get every month. What I  received is much more..... A high quality tee shirt & devotional card  that reinforced the messaging on the t-shirt. All this arrived to me for only $20. I spend more than that  weekly at Starbucks and unfortunately Starbucks doesn't feed my spirit  or give anything back to me. This is a must have for Millennial's and  people in all walks of faith... new believers and old! I wish I could  purchase this for everyone I know. 


When I think of the goodness, that comes to me, it's easier to let go of all my grief! #Teestimony reminds me, I’m Good! 


I just love my Teestimony Case!!! It keeps me fashionable and elevates my faith. 


Teestimony is all about uplifting and connecting individuals from different walks of life through empowering, faith-based apparel, devotionals and dialogue. Join our communitee for support from other like-minded individuals and a transformed perspective on building and fostering a genuine connection with Christ. Join Now!


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