Why Teestimony?

Teestimony serves as a consistent reminder of God’s favor, love and mercy in your life through the monthly delivery of unique scripture-based tee shirts, accessories and devotional items.

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We know how hard it can be to find peace in this world. You give your all to your job, family and friends, which can leave you lonely, misunderstood and drained. Sometimes, you need a reminder of why you were put on this earth. You need to know that someone cares for you, and that there’s a reason for your struggle and pain. Enter Jesus. He went before you and will always be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid or discouraged in this life. You only need to draw nearer to Him, and Teestimony can help.

The Teestimony Box helps you:

  • Remember that God loves you and cares about your struggles, despite your shortcomings
  • Grow your faith in the comfort of your home without the fear of judgment
  • Practice your faith out loud to loved ones and peers
  • Spread the truth about His goodness and grace

Subscribe to Teestimony for just $25/month and let God’s word feed your faith, quench your soul and replenish your mind.

Teestimony Testimonials:

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The Teestimony Box has been a monthly bonus in my life. I initially  ordered because it seemed like something cool to get every month. What I  received is much more..... A high quality tee shirt, devotional card  that reinforced the messaging in the t-shirt and even a delicious  cookie. All this arrived to me for only $20. I spend more than that  weekly at Starbucks and unfortunately Starbucks doesn't feed my spirit  or give anything back to me. This is a must have for Millennial's and  people in all walks of faith... new believers and old! I wish I could  purchase this for everyone I know. 


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When I think of the goodness, that's come to me, it's easier to let go of all my grief! My #TeestimonyBox reminds me I’m Good! 


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